Sustainable Surface Solution

in line with the challanges of tomorrow

In the operation of a commercial building, almost all the waste contributed to maintenance is as a result of surface cleaning. By implementing a Nordic Chem 2.0 surface coating, all of the factors leading to these environmental impacts are significantly reduced.

After the application customers can expect a significant reduction in waste, including chemicals, water and plastics. The coatings will significantly increase the life cycle of substrates which saves money but also contributes immensely to less waste. The coating has also been designed to act as a sacrificial layer to any substrate which in turn reduces cleaning time, labour, cleaning products and water which all have an environmental impact.

All of the above can be achieved while bringing a whole new aesthetic appeal to the surfaces themselves.

water based solution


Save Water

Commercial Pressure washers use approximately 14 litres of water per minute and many commercial buildings have several pressure washers in use around the clock.

Pressure washing also damages substrates and removes the protective barriers from materials. This leads to premature aging, water, UV and contaminates embedding in the materials and causing major damage to the substrates themselves.

After application of a Nordic Chem 2.0 coating, pressure washing in many cases can be reduced by over 70% which can save millions of litres of water per year per site.

Chemicals Reduction

A variety of chemicals are used on the interior and exterior of buildings every day.

These chemicals not only have an environmental impact but also cause corrosion to the surfaces they are applied. This corrosion leads to premature aging and shortens the life cycle of the building and its contents.

After application of a Nordic Chem 2.0 coating, these surfaces will be rejuvenated back to their original lustre and protected from fading and corrosion which significantly extends the life cycle of the materials and equipment.

Harsh chemicals can also be replaced by non toxic cleaners as the coating provides a stable surface foundation making it easier for less toxic chemicals to be effective.



After application of a Nordic Chem 2.0 coating, the labour required to clean and maintain a surface has been proven to decrease by approximately 30%.

This is mainly due to the self cleaning properties of the coating which prevents contamination from embedding into the surface.

Surfaces will be naturally cleaner, brighter and more vibrant without the need for constant attention. Spills, dirt and grime will be significantly easier to remove and wont result in a stain. By using this technology commercial cleaners can achieve a level of surface hygiene and aesthetic appeal that is simply unattainable by current cleaning methods.

The labour saved can be spent on other sites or in other areas of the building that may have previously been neglected.