About Nordic Chem

Nordic Chem sources and distributes global solutions for surface correction and protection!

Across a range of industries, private entities and the general public, these solutions are distributed for the purpose of decreasing financial costs to businesses and increasing public safety on a global scale.

Nordic Chem’s aim is to become the leading portal on the current and future technology of global surface protection and correction. The team at Nordic Chem spends countless hours analyzing data on the current and future technology of surface coatings and surface correction methods.

We correlate this data and provide solutions to businesses and home customers in an easy to understand online format and deliver solutions that can be applied or implemented by the customers themselves. The company has established exclusive rights and distribution on several leading nanotechnology coating brands and paint correction systems that fit this model.

In short, we make the complicated simple in a pursuit of delivering real world solutions that can be implemented by companies and individuals, simply and effectively. If there is a surface solution technology that companies or individuals can benefit from in a meaningful, practical, and affordable way, Nordic Chem will stock it.

Nordic Chem has developed its own brand of antimicrobial coatings

Nordic Chem serves over 9 countries across Europe. The group also has direct access and input to laboratory research and development across multiple surface technologies.”

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