Storm Applicator

Storm and M-Wipes, the world’s only spray applicator with wearable and disposable wipe system specifically invented for fast, targeted, coating of common touch points.

With its wearable and disposable wipe system, any surface can easily be covered by Nordic Chem coating. The wipe system allows the product to be applied to the reverse side of 3D objects such as a door handle. Fitting to the existing backpack system, the dispenser and disposal pouches allow for rapid wipe release and convenient wipe disposal.


Ergonomically Designed.
With its ergonomic design, this applicator battery backpack technology, guarantees all day comfort with padded back support and adjustable waist belt. No trailing cables mean the user is fully mobile, enabling the freedom to safely spray Nordic Chem product anywhere, and ensuring the applicator to maintain a perfect posture during long jobs. for an effective coating experience.


The Storm and M-Wipes kit is a professional complete spraying equipment that will make any Nordic Chem installer apply our coating in the most efficient, quick and convenient way on all surfaces, and specially in large rooms and areas.

Specification Value
Tank Capacity 1 Ltr
Particle Size 60-120 μm
Flow Rate 77 ml/min
Battery Run Time 3-4 hrs (2 hrs continuous)
Charge Time 4-8 hrs
Optimum spray distance  30-50 cm
Wand Weight  0.3 kg
Backpack Weight  4.5 kg (empty) – 5.5 kg (full)

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Complete the Nordic Chem training to be part of our Certified Installers network and be recognized as a professional applicator of Nordic Chem coatings.

Returning to business one step ahead!

Nordic Chem’s focus is to restore businesses to normal operation and profitability. We not only supply the most advanced technology for the long-term protection of your premises but also help businesses demonstrate their initiative. The coating and initiative is applied by trained professionals and our team at HQ is ready and willing to adapt and fulfill the needs of each business.