For any surface

gelcoat, metal work, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, plastic, rubber and vinyl!

Nordic Chem Marine is a revolutionary surface protection specially designed for the marine environment that can be applied to any substrate of your vessel. Its strong hold and self-cleaning effect makes cleaning and maintaining the boat easy, often a wet microfiber cloth suffices. Moreover, UV protection provided by the coating will protect the surface from oxidation and fading.

Apply Nordic Chem Marine coating on any interior surface of your vessel to keep it clean and protected from contaminants, microorganisms and stains. The protective coating will have a new look without constant washing, waxing and buffing. It’s a new way of maintaining your investment that saves time, money and effort with amazing results.

Nordic Chem Marine will directly bond to the surface and create a smooth and slick top layer protecting the surface against the sun, salt, contaminants, corrosion, abrasion and other harsh elements.

Nordic Chem Marine is ideal to keep your boat’s surfaces looking brand new, sanitized and easier to clean.

prevents contaminants from adhering to gelcoat

  • Super slick and hydrophobic surface – making cleaning extremely easy! Often, a simple rinse off is enough.


  • Protects the surface against the harsh elements (salty water, UV rays, barnacles, dirt, etc).


  • UV protection – the coating protects harmful UV rays from damaging the surface.


  • Mold and aging prevention – Prevent mold, odour and grime and increase visual appeal.

  • Strong gloss – nanoparticles fill the pores in the surface creating a deep mirror finish.


  • Smart cleaning – Provides self-cleaning properties, increases efficiency of cleaning aids such as high pressure hoses or floor scrubbers and reduce overall cleaning time and cost.


  • Layer it! – it is a layerable DIY coating, meaning each layer will add strength and durability to the protection.


  • Easy spray & wipe application.


Nordic Chem 2.0 Marine can be easily applied to every surfaces of a boat (paint, metal, plastics, chrome, leather, fabric…) including gelcoat!



Simply spray onto any surface to create an impenetrable barrier against dirt, dust and contaminants.


The coating creates a “non-stick” and self-cleaning surface, preventing contaminants from accumulating for 90 days.


The solution not only protects the surface but restores it to its “like-new” finish and keeps it that way.

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