A fully active coating that lasts for an extended period per application

At Nordic Chem we stand by our protection time and go the extra step in ensuring our customers an active antimicrobial coating for that time period.

To ensure a fully active coating that lasts for an extended period per application, Nordic Chem provides all registered installers with an antimicrobial testing kit.

Enables a whole new level of protection

At the point of application the installers place test stickers on discrete parts of the surfaces being coated. Half of the testing sticker is coated and the other half is left untreated. The installer will return to your premises every 30 days with a solution that tests for the activity of the presence of a biocide (antimicrobial activity) on the surfaces.

This is done in the presence of your business representative. The testing solution will be applied to both sides of the sticker and on the side of the testing sticker that has been coated, the solution should change colour. On the untreated side, the solution should remain unchanged.

If in any case the test does not produce the desired results a re-application of the coating on all the surfaces that were treated will be installed again. Our business customers will only  be charged for the service and coating every 90 days, regardless if the installer was required to install more frequently than this during the 90 day period.

Antimicrobial Nordic Chem Drum Bottle