The Benefits

Utilization of the Nordic Chem technology creates a healthier environment for you, your patients, clients, and patrons, without the use of harmful chemicals. This protection provides people peace of mind and restores confidence in your premises.

Treatment of porous and non-porous surfaces will inhibit germs, viruses, and odor causing bacterias from plaguing your facility. This shows you care, and can lead to more business!

Not only does it appeal to your customers, but it benefits your business as well. Fewer pathogens means few sick days for employees, so your business and team will be operating at its best more often!

Continual Sanitization

The coating doesn’t just terminate existing germs on a treated surface, it actively protects against their existence for a long time time.

Prevents Microbe Resistance

Bacteria can become resistant to chemical cleaning products but Nordic Chem’s “nanospike” technology inhibits germs from living and growing on a surface, reducing the chance for them to adapt and mutate.

Optimal Efficacy

Protects against a vast range of viruses, bacterias, and pathogens. Our coatings are water-based, simple and effective..

Easy to Apply

Our products are designed with our customers in mind. While we always recommend a professional installation, Nordic Chem can also be applied via a spray bottle or fogging system.

Surface Adaptability

Nordic Chem’s active ingredient has been tested and proven to work on a number of porous and non-porous surfaces in a variety of environments. The bond formed provides durable surface protection that withstands even routine cleaning.

A proven technology

Used for over 20 years

Our active ingredient has been used for over 20 years, as an additional ingredient in the manufacturing process for a range of textiles worldwide.

How to apply the product

The application should be done by a Registered Nordic Chem approved installer.

The process to get approved by Nordic Chem can be done online and takes less than an hour. The installer has two installation options:


-> Hand Application Spray it on the surface, wait three minutes, and wipe off residue with a microfiber towel.

-> Spray Gun/Fogging (Recommended) Mist the coating over any surface and walk away. In some cases, you might have to wipe off residue as it could leave marks on glossy black surfaces.

Nordic Chem registry of surface protection

Surface Protection Professionals

The purpose of the Nordic Chem Initiative of Surface Protection is to help businesses communicate the measures they have taken to prevent viral and bacterial surface contamination. The initiative is based on independent Nordic Chem-approved installers reporting back to the Nordic Chem HQ after a surface treatment of the premises.

After the installation of the Nordic Chem Antimicrobial coating, the business owner of the premises is entitled to the following as an ongoing free service:
1. Awareness certificates to be placed in the premises.
2. An online banner which links to a technology page and can be placed on the business’ website or social media channels. It is designed to educate the visitors on the surface protection measures your business has taken.
3. 7 days per week phone and email customer support provided to the business and its occupants.

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