Get Certified by Nordic Chem’s training program

Become a certified Nordic Chem installer with the most comprehensive training course available in the UK.

Nordic Chem takes protecting surfaces for extended periods per application very seriously, which is why all installers of Nordic Chem’s Antimicrobial Coating should be trained and certified by us, to ensure the application of our coating is performed in a professional and correct manner.

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Nordic Chem Antimicrobial

The training will consist of the following:

  • General knowledge:
    • Hand out of a training manual and a gift from Nordic Chem
    • What is an antimicrobial coating
    • The differences between an antimicrobial coating and regular disinfectants
    • How the coating terminates bacteria and viruses
    • What PPE should be used when applying our coating
  • Nordic Chem Antimicrobial coating application:
    • Preparation of client before application
    • Accurate way of diluting our coating
    • Correct preparation and application for different sectors
    • Use an electrostatic sprayer and ULV Fogger
    • Test and certify an antimicrobial coating presence on a surface
    • Follow the guidelines for correct application
  • How to use NC coating to develop your business:
    • Get more clients across the line
    • Quote applications correctly
    • Tips and tricks in the industry

Sneak Peak of Training

Learn how to effectively use our testing kit to increase your customer confidence and provide clear evidence of successful completion of the coating on a premises.

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